Billing Manager - ClientExec
Billing Manager - ClientExec

ClientExec Billing Manager Solution

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What is ClientExec?

ClientExec is a tool to help you manage and support your clients efficiently. Unlike many client management packages, ClientExec does not try to be all things to all people; you are in control. Instead, we want it to be a natural addition to your business, a powerful tool you use, not get lost within. If you are looking for a smarter way to manage your clients, take ClientExec for a spin.

ClientExec includes a fully integrated support ticket system. The overview section provides quick access to open tickets at a glance for both administrators and clients. It has features that provide the options you expect and the ease of use we demand.

ClientExec gives you complete control of invoicing. Clients can be invoiced automatically at regular intervals or at any time for extra work or services. Billable items can be merged into existing invoices or included in new ones. Invoices can be viewed and printed using the built-in PDF engine, which is great for clients who need traditional invoices for their records.

ClientExec is designed to be flexible. Custom fields can be easily added through our simple interface. You are in control with the powerful administrator options, allowing or disallowing those features you want. The entire look and feel of CE can be customized through the use of skins, and the extensible API makes just about any payment gateway available.

Features include:
- Easy way to track client invoicing, payments, accounts, support requests and much more.
- Integrates with popular payment gateways including, 2Checkout and PayPal
- Includes ticket manager, customer database and invoice manager
- Extremely efficient way to manage your customers and grow your business.
- Please see official site of Clientexec for complete list of features:

Click here for all features, click here for clientexec demo

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